Kyle 🎙 🎶 About Kyle

Kyle is a singer and song writer from North Carolina. At a very young age, music was in his heart. Given a song to sing at church at about 3 years old, he knew that music would be a very important part of his life. Throughout high school and beyond, Kyle was a part of high school and college choruses and choirs, including a Gospel choir and an NCMEA High School Honors Chorus, performed in a community college opera workshop and was a coral singer and actor in Christian musical plays. Throughout the 2010's, he also made available a selection of covers of various artists on his website. In late 2020, Kyle was led by God to the music of Nicole Bus, who confirmed God's words that told him that he could reach many more people with his gift, and quickly became his biggest influence both musically and educationally. In May of 2021, he rerecorded and submitted a short song he had written for his Christ Conduit Podcast titled "I Will Press," to her contest to win a producer's kit. "I really wasn't trying to win anything at all," he states, "I only wanted to be heard by my favorite artist. I knew that this was my one shot, and I took it." But he soon found out that he was selected as one of two winners. He is currently studying and applying Nicole's life-changing educational materials including her Toolbox for Artists and is a founding student of her Artist Startup course. He is working on several songs he is writing with the help of her vocal and instrumental samples, as well as his own work, with the help of the amazing prize package he won. "This is my kairos," he goes on to say, "my divinely appointed time. I know that music can change lives and change the world, I know that it is needed now more than ever, and I know that it is to be my life's work for as long as God wants to use the musical gifts He gave me."