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I'm Kyle and I live for Jesus. I enjoy good coffee, building PC's, using and abusing Linux, Android, Rockbox and tons of other free software, singing and writing Christian poetry. Occasionally I experiment with building websites, both by hand and using popular free and open source solutions. Check here from time to time to see my latest websites. Everything will be inside of the yellow navigation box at the top of the page.

I am also an outspoken advocate for the use and enhancement of the public domain for the sake of freedom and for the good of humanity, rather than the expansion of the privatized censorship known as copyright, which does more to benefit rich publishing houses to the detriment of authors and artists than it ever will do to protect anyone's work. I firmly believe that an artist or author who wishes to be able to earn a living from his or her work should be able to do so, while at the same time making his or her work available without restriction of any kind to the public at large. As copyright is a fairly new idea as compared to literature and art, there are a number of ways to be completely free of such unreasonable restrictions, while still being free to earn a living by means of creative expression; these ways need only be rediscovered. Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, love letters, hate mail, all this and more can be sent to