Due to the restrictions, limitations and censorship inherent in copyright laws, and even the very concept of copyright itself, I am a rather outspoken advocate for the use of the public domain and the waiver of copyrights. To that end, I waive any and all copyrights that I may normally be granted on any original work on this website or posted anywhere else, and dedicate all my original works including, but not limited to voice recordings, audio, video, images, source code and text, on this website, social media, blogs or anywhere else they are found, to the public domain, unless portions of such works have preexisting copyrights, as is the case with musical recordings that use copyrighted lyrics and/or backing tracks, in which case, the original copyright remains, even though I waive my own copyright on the work. This is just a rather long and legalistic way of saying "Freely you received, so freely give." Hey, if I didn't want people to read, look at, listen to, repost or otherwise use or share my work, I wouldn't put it out there for the whole world to see or hear. For a more detailed waiver of copyright and further information about what this means to you, including the freedom granted to you by this waiver, take a look at the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.